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We are looking for contractors that furnish and install helical anchors at North Carolina coastal area.
Please contact our Regional Sales Manager for that area.  He will be able to provide you with the information you are requesting.   Don Johnson: 704-400-5335
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How does MacLeanDixie conduct business?

MacLean Civil Products designs, tests, manufacturers and provide technical assistance through our Certified Regional Distributors. The MacLean Distributor Network have qualified installers that are equipped, trained and certified to install the complete line of products offered by MacLean Civil Group.

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I am in the process of deciding what brand of piercing to use to repair a foundation at my house, does your brand offer lifetime warranty like other similar products. If so, where can I find anything related to warranty in writing. Thanks.
In response to your inquiry concerning MacLean Dixie Warranty, our product warranty is currently for 10 years. This covers costs of material replacement only. Any implied warranty by the installer for labor is a separate issue between both parties the customer/installer. This is fairly standard for the industry.
As for a life time warranty this is normally a 7 year warranty recognized by the majority of states across the country. You could check with your states Attorney General’s office for your states definition of a life time warranty.
For the listing of our 10 year warranty for you to review please contact your local distributor listed on our website Find the distributor listed for your state with their contact information. They will be able to assist you not only for a warranty program but also a listing of local installers who may bid your project.
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How do I find my local MacLean Civil Products Distributor?
Visit our Distributor Locator Page here.
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What are the requirements to obtain an account for MPServiceNet?
You must be employed by a  recognized distributor for MacLeanDixie location.  No usernames will be activated unless they are from a company email address-- there are no exceptions.
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Who is MacLean Civil Products?

MacLean Civil Products is a leading manufacturer of ICC-ES approved helical anchors, push pier systems and driven earth anchoring products for the construction industry.

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How do I find a local certified installer?
Contact your local MacLean Civil Products Distributor here.
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How do I get assistance on a project?
Contact your local MacLean Civil Products Distributor here.
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How do I become an authorized MacLean Civil Products Distributor?
Contact Jeff Tully at 731-330-4025 for all information on becoming a distributor partner.
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What is your corporate telephone number?
Tel. 855-MPS-SHIP
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Where are the MacLean Civil Products manufactured?
These products are manufactured at our Trenton, Tennessee facility.
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Were can I find warranty information?
Contact your local MacLean Civil Products Distributor here.
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